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At EduQual, we work on varied academic content and provide cost-effective and valuable content solutions to our clients. A surge in the scope for e-learning has caused traditional educational practices to shift more toward online education, and we seek to fill this gap to help our partners produce valuable resources that guide a new generation of learners.

Today, innovative and engaging e-learning courses are at the forefront of student education, and it is at this point that EduQual enters the picture: our services include Quality Assurance and Quality Checking, along with our Authoring and Editorial expertise that help build digital products, including e-books, learning courses, assessment modules, etc.

Our partners include K-12 and Higher Education publishers with whom we strive to collaborate and provide our expertise in building efficient learning solutions.


To be the one-stop-shop global content partner for academic publishing companies.



We provide enriching academic content by combining language and subject matter expertise to build personalized and accessible content for all disciplines ensuring the highest standards of learner satisfaction.

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I founded EduQual as a passion project in 2015. Having formerly worked as a lecturer and having completed my CA, I knew that my passion lies in academics and wanted to make it my career. I soon got introduced to the world of e-learning and identified the need and importance of quality learning content. To meet the gap in quality, EduQual, as the name suggests, was started.

EduQual was my humble attempt to enrich the world of education and it has been extremely gratifying as we have had the chance to partner with multiple academic publishing companies to produce quality content.


Apeksha Pai

It is true what they say, “It’s not work if you love what you do.” My journey in EduQual has been fantastic. One would only dream of being a part such a positive and supportive work environment. Every day begins with a unique title waiting to be reviewed and ends with a satisfaction of knowing something more than yesterday. I consider myself extremely lucky to be working with everyone here. We share the same passion for what we do and we try to give our best. Here, every voice is heard; every achievement is celebrated. The enthusiasm of the team is so contagious that it only motivates to perform better. We organize some fun sessions that help us to trust and understand each other. We believe in learning and growing together. I look forward to many more successful years with the EduQual family.

Apeksha Pai
Senior Content Analyst – Quantitative Business

Mrinal Kalita

Being one of the most recently added employees, I feel extremely lucky and happy to have joined the endeavours of EduQual. There is something new to learn every day at work, and working here is perennial learning. Our team is dedicated, focused and most importantly very cool. We could be part-timing the Avengers with our keen eyes over the bugs of the earth. As a team, we all communicate effectively and understand each other, which goes a long way in serving as a strong foundation for the inner workings of EduQual. My journey so far has been so good. I hope to see many more turns and travels with EduQual.

Mrinal Kalita
Subject Matter Expert – Humanities

Prateechi Murarka

I have had the pleasure of working with EduQual for two years now, and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Every day ends with an accomplished feeling of having learnt something new and of adding value to the content we read. We are a rapidly expanding, driven, and enthusiastic team that is passionate about what we do and cares about who we serve. Every member including the leadership team is a generous giver; willing to help each other out with tasks, meeting deadlines, sharing knowledge and experiences, and helping each other grow both professionally and personally. Our strongest value is that we operate with transparency by communicating internally and with our clients with unwavering respect and honesty. At EduQual, no two years will look the same because we are continuously adapting, evolving, and improving. It is a genuinely worthy organization to be associated with for companies and job-seekers alike.

Prateechi Murarka

I can sum it up in one word, “phenomenal”! EduQual receives high marks in all areas that I feel are important:

  • Communication: EduQual is always quick to respond to queries and always acknowledges and confirms if due dates can be met. I appreciate that they always follow up via Slack for any comment we could potentially miss in tickets assigned to us.
  • Quality of work: Although the Content Manager would rather not hear of so many errors in the content, EduQual team has done an excellent job with copy editing issues as well as checking for consistency and accuracy in the content.
  • Timeliness: EduQual has always completed testing on or before the due date.
    Like I said, high mark in all areas

Digital project Manager
Client team

EduQual has been my favorite vendor I have worked with. They are always very quick to respond with good communication, and they seem to do the best work.

Manager, Software Quality Assurance
Client team

Team at EduQual been very efficient, very much attention to detail, timely completion of task, open communication and also very good at closing the tickets after they have been resolved. I really enjoyed working with them and looking forward to same in future.

Manager, Software Quality Assurance
Client team