What we do

We provide Quality Assurance, Authoring, and Editorial services as our primary niche.
At EduQual, we prioritize collaborating with our clients to ensure the end product meets their highest expectations. Our team of domain-based subject matter experts adheres to the highest quality standards of content validation, proofreading, and functional testing.

Quality Assurance adds credibility to any product or service. We validate all the elements of a learning asset, course, or program run smoothly for the end-user; therefore, enhancing their learning experience.

QA Services

Content testing Icon

Content testing

It involves the analysis of content from the point of view of the end-user. This aspect of content review is expansive and detailed, keeping in mind every nitty-gritty detail of content management that goes into particular digital products. We ensure that the content is meaningful, coherent, and consistent across the entire product.
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Accuracy checking

Our team of diverse subject matter experts tests content based on its conceptual accuracy and correctness. We consider the factual integrity of the content we review keeping in mind the ultimate benefit it provides to the learners.
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Grading QA

In e-learning content, grading accuracy can make or break the product. Auto-grading is a valuable tool in assessments, and we specialize in testing and ensuring that all auto-graded content is accurate.
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Accessibility testing

The intent behind accessibility is to ensure that learners with disabilities have the appropriate learning tools to help them understand a concept. We test content and personalize it to meet the varied requirements of the learners, especially learners with disabilities.
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Interactive Learning

We are well versed in verifying multimedia and interactive learning tools, including images, videos, flow charts, and simulations, along with accompanying transcripts and Alt Texts.
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Bug fixing

We also provide services to fix the bugs identified and reported during the testing phase to ensure an error-free product for the learners.
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Functional testing

Besides the content that we review, we test for the functionality of every component of course material and make sure that they function as designed on the platform.


Authoring Services

Authoring Services
As experts in learning design, our authoring services encompass developing assessments and evaluations for learners across multiple streams and levels.

We specialize in formative, summative, scenario-based, and objective assessments based on different levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

We also develop appropriate and personalized learner feedback to accompany the assessments allowing learners to revisit areas where they need additional help.

Course designing & creation

E-book/epub creation

Assessment creation

Personalized learner feedback

Multimedia and accompanying text

Interactive media

editorial Services

Our editorial services range across different forms of content like e-books, assessments, course material,
e-learning modules, etc.



Substantive editing

Plagiarism check


E-book/epub formatting

Structuring and styling content

Data Integration Services

Data Integration Services
We specialize in integrating different ready-made assets into various authoring platforms to create a learning solution.

For quantitative business titles, we code algorithms, a feature that makes e-learning products dynamic and easy-to-use tools for assessing a student’s learning.

Disciplines we work on

Our areas of expertise range across several disciplines of study

Business and Economics


World Languages